The object SY_CompanyConversion_ui can not be initialized

Has anyone ever had the issue with the Convert button in Company maintenance immediately coming up with "the object sy_companyconversion_ui can not be initialized."  I am doing an upgrade from 2018 advanced to 2021.1 advanced and am getting this message when I try and convert data.  I have never had this issue and the Sage Knowledgebase I couldn't find anything.  There is a 3rd party enhancement - S2 Project Accounting.  I have reached out to them as well. 

Any workarounds to get the convert done?  Any system files I should investigate?

  • I've seen a few complaints where upgrading to 2021.1 has problems and consultants worked around it by upgrading to 2021 then applying PU1. At least one of those involved Premium so I cannot say for certain if the 2021.1 reports all dealt with Premium or if they also involved Standard/Advanced. 

    If you're really stuck an option may be to reinstall to only 2021 - migrate/convert - then apply PU1.