• VI Import General Journal Entry

    I'm trying to create a VI Import job to bring in some general journal entries but can't seem to figure out to grab the next Entry No automatically like I can with Batch Numbers and Invoice Numbers.  I can't get them to import properly without actually…

  • Export Invoices From Prior Day and Where Sales Order Begins With J

    I need to export invoices that are from yesterday's date and the related Sales Order begins with a J.

    I am a novice at using Sage Intelligence, but I have some SQL experience. I understand that it's not actually SQL.

    I'm able to get the below…

  • Migration from Advanced to Premium failing Error execute: select physical_name from master.sys.master_files where name = 'MAS_SYSTEM'

    I have a migration that failed in the prepare stage, before any SQL databases or tables were created, and I am attempting to begin it again after addressing the dictionary issue that stopped the prepare.

    However, the migration cannot begin and returns…

  • Record: 0039359 missing from WORSDT.SOA

    We are using Sage 100 Standard ERP 2013 (Version  / SAGE 100 ERP

    Issue detail:

    when I click on Work Order -> Work Order Transaction Entry (Snapshot 1) -> it asks for the date and once I enter the date and click OK -> I get an Update Interrupted…

  • Icons displaying all over Sage after upgrade

    Anyone ever seen this? Only happening for one user after an upgrade from v2020 to v2022 Advanced.

  • Sage Support Partners

    I would like to find out who Sage100 users are partnering for support and if you are satisfied with them.

    we are currently with [email protected] and have been frustrated.

    I would appreciate any feedback.

  • Businessworks and Sage 100

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know if there is a conflict if both the BusinessWorks client and the Sage 100 client are both installed on a workstation?   Have a client moving from BW to Sage 100.

  • All Standard Crystal Forms and Report are not populating data in Sage 100 2022 PU1...ODBC Issue

    I have just upgraded my client's live Sage 100c advanced 2019 PU 4 to Sage 100c 2022 PU 1.  Everything migrated to new server properly and the data for the live company was converted fine too.  I am experiencing an issue with the ODBC both for User…

  • Summary Package Tracking Inquiry

    Does anyone know the file that controls the Summary Package Tracking Inquiry screen?  I know this screen is not customizable, but an error happened with our Sage 100 Version 2013 to 2021 conversion and I need to get a clean copy of this screen file.


  • Adding ODBC connection in Power BI service fails; works locally


    I'm running into a roadblock attempting to add an ODBC data source via Power BI Service via +New / Data sources page from the following URL. https://app.powerbi.com/groups/me/gateways 

    Here are a few facts:

    1. The ODBC driver (for Sage 100…
  • Sage 100 Premium 2021.3 company background colors stopped working

    I set the company background color last week and now they are all the same.  In Company Maintenance on the Theme tab I tried to turn it back to standard, then change back to classic and choose a new color, but it still isn't showing the background or frame…

  • Windows 10/11 ARM processor and pdf converter

    Hope a community member can help here. I have a few machines that are running the ARM version of windows 11. 

    The sage pdf converter for paperless office does not include a arm version of the driver. 

    I have reached out to both sage and amyuni (the developer…

  • F9 can't read SY_Company.m4t file correctly

    We've been using F9 for a very long time, and sometime in the past couple of months it has been "working" in terms of allowing the F9 formulas in excel to work, but when one user (me) tried to do some additional F9 tasks (drill down), it only sees 2 of…

  • VI Import AP Credit Memos

    Have the following source file (CSV)

    2 questions:

    1 - I want to import the Invoice No and append "-CM".  Is this possible?

    2 - Importing the lines Distribution Amount from the Credit Column. How do I reverse the sign so it comes in as a negative…

  • How to share a silent ODBC Connection

    I've connected a single table from Sage 100c 2021 to Excel (data model) via a silent ODBC connection with saved username/password.  All works great for me, but if anyone else uses this excel workbook and tries to refresh the data it makes them log…

  • Sage 100 Premium migration failed...'KPRIMARY_SY_System' is already in the database.

    Test conversion from 5.40.3 to 7.0.1 Sage 100 Premium with multiple integrations. 5.40 instance and 7.0 instance are on same SQL server.  This is the 2nd test migration, so MAS_XXX and MAS_SYSTEM databases currently exist in the new SQL instance. During…

  • What is the newest SQL server version Sage 100c 2016 would run on

    Want to upgrade our Windows servers to 2019(from SBS 2011 and 2008 R2) and keep Sage 100 2016 for now.  I  have read that SQL 2008 will install but should not be used in a production environment.   Wondering what is the newest version of SQL that I could…

  • Basic Authentication with SMTP - any workarounds for Sage100 v2018 users?

    Has anyone found a workaround for the Microsoft and Google authentication changes?  We have Sage 100 v2018 and it looks like we will be forced to upgrade.

  • Sage 2021 PU2, PR 2.21.3 Upgrade - Have to re-add Payroll Custom Reports with PII Wrk table from 2018/2019?

    Howdy - I have had 3 separate upgrades where the client is upgrading from 2018/2019 with fairly recent Payroll updates (2.21.1 and greater) to Sage 2021 PU2 with PR 2.21.3, and after data conversion, if they have any Payroll custom reports from the previous…

  • SAGE 100 2020 closes on login

    Hello everyone,

    We are running into an issue where at random 2-3 users a day are not able to login to SAGE. They enter their passwords and the screen flashes and the closes. I've noticed that the module date is somewhere in 2015 when I catch a glimpse…

  • Sage 100 - Station Name in Master Console


    I am trying to find out how Sage 100 (in my case Premium) obtains the (Work-)Station name shown in the Master Console. Sage "remembers" some of its settings based on that station name.

    We tried setting the Windows environment varia…

  • Windows Server 2019 Essential

    We have a Sage 100 prospect that would like to use Windows Server 2019 Essential.  It is NOT on the Supported Platform Matrix.   Is anyone using this?  I explained to him that if the server software is not on the Matrix then his install would be unsupported…

  • VI *.SQL Files Are Not Being Migrated To 2021

    I have seen two different upgrades affected by the *.SQL files under MAS90\VI failing to be migrated to the 2021 MAS90\VI folder during upgrades.

    Anyone else encountering this?

    The manual solution is to just copy them but I don't recall having to do this…

  • Sage 100 Application Server Startup

    Within the application server startup, what method or argument can be used to have Sage 100 application server "Start" when it launches. 

  • Sage 100 2021 premium slow performance

    Setting up my testing environment (test => prod) and performance is unberably slow. Typing in an item code in inquiry has a multiple-second delay between key presses and seeing letters. Search-while-typing is enabled, as it is in  in my live 2018 installation…