Data not selected for report printing in Purchase Order Printing


Hey Sage Engineering!!

What is the status of this issue created on 10/24/22?  My client is trying to utilize Sage more efficiently only to be stymied by the issue - v2022 PU2.  Can we get a hot fix instead of waiting another 3 months for the next PU release??

Error: "Data not selected for report printing"

Created on 10-24-2022 / Last modified on 10-24-2022

Summary - Error: "Data not selected for report printing" in Purchase Order Printing when selecting Paperless Office Output "Electronically Deliver Only" and selecting a Purchase Order created from Production Management

Resolution - Sage Engineering is currently reviewing this issue
Product: Sage 100
Solution ID: 117341
Published on: 10-24-2022
Applies to: Printing and Reporting > Print to file, email

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