Imported Lines flagged Drop Ship Need a PO Created?


Trying to think out this situation before attempting to script it out.  We have orders being imported into Sage 100, some lines are "drop ship" if they are from this one certain vendor.  When the customer orders from this vendor a PO is generated on the eCommerce platform that is sent to the vendor.  Right now we never even create a PO for these orders/lines, we just receive the invoice from the vendor.   I know I need to script the "DS" check box to "Y" when those lines with vendor = xxx, but do I need to create a PO for them as well or could we just continue to just do a receipt of invoice?

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    For PO there is no line checkbox for DropShip.  It's set as the PO order type.

    You can't do an RoI without a PO.  Whether you can have a generic (never ending) open drop ship PO for a vendor (adding invoice lines as you go) is not something I've tried (and doubt is possible).

    I'm pretty sure you can't do a one step RoG-with-invoice-# and set the OrderType to Drop Ship on the fly.

    So, assuming you want to see item by item quantities of what was drop shipped, you probably need to create the PO first.  (Otherwise you might consider doing a simple lump sum AP invoice directly to the appropriate GL account with no item detail).