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It appears that the newest version of Google Chrome is now requiring users to click an approve button when clicking on the customer maintenance or create new quote/order buttons with the standard Sage 100 integration with Sage CRM.

This used to happen and there was a check box available to have Chrome remember the setting.  This check box has been removed with Chrome 79.  Which of course with Chrome being the most used browser this adds just another click in the process.

We are researching a solution with the registry of workstations but wanted to put it out there if anyone else has seen this yet and have found a better resolution.

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    For anyone else that runs into this annoying feature with the newer Chrome browser, create a registry file with this in it and run it on a users workstation.  It will add the checkbox back to the window that appears.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



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    This Registry hack only works on CRM installations that are https:// not HTTP:// unfortunately, ours is HTTP:// any ideas?