Crystal Reports: Adding a UDF for each Item Number on a Picking Ticket.

OK. My lack of knowledge is really going to show here. For reference, we use Sage 100 2019 Manufacturing.

I have a highly customized Picking Ticket created in Crystal Reports. We are a manufacturer, and when a customer orders from us, the Picking Ticket will display, on a new line, each Item Code purchased. For any of those items, we may have multiple LOT numbers. Above the Item Code we have a UDF that displays industry standard Hazardous Material Codes. However, if there are multiple LOT Numbers for a single Item Code, the UDF will only print above the first LOT.

We use these Picking Tickets as Bills of Lading for logistics companies. Occasionally, a company will reject the Picking Ticket and tell us we need to display the UDF above each LOT Number, even if it is of the same product.

What I would like to do is to find a way to force the UDF to print directly above each Item Code even if the item is a duplicate. I want it to print based on LOT Number rather than the Item. Here is an image that hopefully describes what I want to do. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

  • Would I be correct in assuming you assign the Lot number during sales order entry?  Also you should have a section below the Bill Options for the Lot/Serial number. It is normally Detail O.  You should put that field in there, open up the section and place it above the Lot number. Also where is the UDF? Item Maintenance? 

  • Check your section suppression formulas, or put the UDF into the same section as the rest of the fields.

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    Thanks BigLouie, that was tremendously helpful! With your tip and Kevin M's recommendation, it is working perfectly now!

    Much obliged!

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    Kevin M,

    You and BigLouie were spot-on! I tried the simplest thing first which was to move the Haz Code UDF into the same section as the Item Code and LOT and it worked instantly! You guys are THE BEST! I cannot thank you enough for providing a novice with some seriously valuable support!