Unable to print. Your file waiting to be printed was deleted


I moved my computer to a new office location and did a new workstation install.  When I attempt to post a register or send a PO electronically, I am getting an error that Sage is unable to print my xxx.rpt and that my file has been deleted.  

I've run the PL_ADVANCEDOPTIONS_UI and made sure that Adode was my default PDF program.  I even tried changing the default PDF to Edge.  No luck.  

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

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    This may not be the solution for everyone, but we just had this same error.  In Paperless Office Form Maintenance Setup, we have it set to "Keep Only Last Copy".  If anyone has that specific PDF file open for the form/report you are trying to run again, you will get this error message because you cannot save a PDF to a file that is already open.  As soon as you close the PDF file, the form/report will PDF with no further issues.  I hope this helps someone else!

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