Is it possible to have multiple slip entry windows open at once?

One of the partners asked if there is a way to open multiple slip entry windows at once so he can switch back and forth between clients/matters while he is working?  I can't find anything other than using the Time and Expense Slip Listing screen with his name for the selection, which isn't really having two slip entry windows open at once. We are running Timeslips Premium.  Thank you for any help or suggestions that you may have!

  • Short answer is no.  

    Longer answer is best way to switch back and forth.  

    Slip Listing is one way, though I would filter for not just her name, but perhaps todays date so that the list is relatively short and thus easier to find the slips she wants to switch between. If you use the relative date of Today, then it will always list her slips for the current day (no need to change the filter every morning).

    Other possibility might be Timesheet View, but not sure that would be much better than the List filtered by date.

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