Generated bills approved to send to client go straight to Undoable rather than Bills>Send Bills to Audit Houses

Ledes1998 question: When I generate a bill, print it, and mark it "Approve to Send to Client," it normally goes to Bills>Send Bills to Audit Houses.  I just had one go straight to Undoable.  Help!  Why did it happen and how do I get it to the audit house now?

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  • The only reason I have seen where they go straight to undoable after printing is that the client is not set to send the bill to Electronic Delivery.  When that's the case, you need to undo the bill and change the setting and try again.

    It sounds like when you did an undo of the last bill run, you were able to undo a bill that was run subsequent to the bill with the slips on it.  An unfortunate issue with running bill after bill after bill trying to get a correct result.  DO NOTHING is your friend in those cases, otherwise you paint yourself into this corner.

    Your only available options at this point are to (1) restore a backup prior to running these bills and correct the issue, with the obvious re-entry of any data missing since that backup was done or (2) creating a cloned 'dummy' database of your current data, duplicating all of the slips on that bill and running the bill again, exporting it to LEDES and sending that data file along to the audit house.  Balances in this case are irrelevant since the Audit House files do not mention balances or any A/R transactions.  You would delete this dummy database after you are through, as our goal is to merely get that LEDES data file from it.

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