building event code report

Does anyone know how to build a report in HRMS which will show all employees that are missing one specific event code? 

  • Hi Laura,  This would require an intermediate to advanced knowledge of Crystal Reports.  You will need to create a Crystal Report using hrpersnl and link it to hevents using company and empno fields with a left outer join (assuming hrpersnl is the left table).  The purpose of this is hrpersnl (employee personnel) has a list of all employees and hevents has a list of events that have been added. 

    Insert the fields on the detail section of the report, such as hrpersnl._name1 and hevents.e_code.

    Group the report by employee and create a running total field to count the event code SAFETY (use formula to evaluate {hevents.e_code}="SAFETY" and reset on change of group (by employee).

    Suppress Group Header #1 and Detail section (and any other sections you do not want on the report with the exception of the Group Footer).

    Put a condition on the Group Footer #1 (employee) section to suppress if the Running Total field for SAFETY is greater than 0. This way employees that have the event code SAFETY will not appear on the report.

    You can also contact Sage HRMS Support for assistance. While they can’t walk you through creating the entire report, if you get started, they can assist you with modifying the report to display employees that do not have a particular code.