Challenge Question (20200427) License Limit Alert

I thought I would re-post one of the questions asked from last week's webinar (Top 10 with Sage HRMS Support).  This is a good question and I didn't want it to get overlooked.

Can you explain the License Limit Alert in Sage HRMS?

Click the Help Icon > About Sage HRMS. You can enter the License Limit Alert.  The threshold entered here will dictate when you’ll receive a warning when your maximum number of employees licenses with your Sage HRMS support plan has been reached.  The license limit entered here in the Alert field will not prevent you from adding new employees. Instead, you’ll receive a warning message when you have the specified number of licenses left.  For instance, if you have licenses for 100 employees in Sage HRMS, you can set your License Limit Alert to 5 and Sage HRMS will warn you when you enter your 95th employee.  This way you can plan ahead and either order additional employee licenses or archive terminated employees from prior years.

The employee count includes Active and Leave of Absence employees based on the Employee Status field on the Current Job Panel. (Pe.p_active = 'A' or Pe.p_active = 'L').

The count of employees does not include the Employee Status of Terminated (T), Not Employee (N) or Dependent Cobra (D).

You can access an employee count report in Reports > Employees > Personal Information Reports. On the Standard Criteria tab select whether to count Active, LOA and/or Terminated.