Sage Abra Error: "Program error: Error reading file"


Our HR dept uses the Sage Abra Suite version 9.2. I have a user who keeps getting this error very sporadically, when either logging into Abra or running reports.  She started getting it a few weeks ago:

"Program error: Error reading file w:\data\logins.dbf."

Anything she clicks on it - Help, Ignore, Cancel - just makes the error come back up again, so she can't get rid of it and has to close out the program via Task Manager.

I thought that she was losing connection to that drive/server that Abra is hosted on, so I updated her chipset and network drivers and made sure her VPN was working correctly and wasn't dropping the connection. None of that worked unfortunately. She has a new computer and is on Windows 10 ver 1909. She also has .NET Framework 4.5 and MS C++ 2013 version 12.0.21005 (12.0.21005). We have reinstalled, checked for Windows updates, rebooted the computer, etc. No one else in that dept seems to be having this issue. Any suggestions?

  • The Sage Knowledgebase offers some excellent troubleshooting steps:

      1. If the error occurs at an Sage Abra Suite Client workstation, verify that the Client's data path points to the network drive. From Abra's main menu, select Help, About Sage Abra Suite, and 'Additional Info. . . '.
        1. If the Data Path points to the CD-ROM drive, uninstall the Abra Client and reinstall it from the AbraSuite\Client folder on the network drive.
        2. It will be necessary to use the same installation media to successfully uninstall the application.
      2. Check to see if LOGINS.DBF and LOGINS.CDX exist in the AbraSuite\Data folder.
        1. These files should only be present if a user is logged on to Abra.
        2. Rename the files and launch Abra.
        3. If the files cannot be renamed, that means that a user is actively logged on to Abra.
        4. Please ask all users to exit the program and close the logon screen.
      3. Check user network access permissions. Abra users must have Full Control (read, write, shareable, create, modify, delete) access to ALL Abra folders and files on both the share and the security tab at the server.
      4. Check Abra file Attributes. No files should be marked "Read Only"; the standard attribute is Archive. All files should have an Owner (N/A is not valid as an owner).
      5. Check to see if any Abra files are being held open by users or are locked open on the server. Rebooting the server will clear any locked files, even those not detected by a network utility. You may need to involve your IT Department in this step.
      6. Try running the process on a different machine. This helps to identify if the issue is computer-specific or across the network.
      7. Determine what has changed on the user's workstation or network since the last time the process completed successfully.
      8. Disable any possible conflicting programs such as virus scanners, backup software, PC Anywhere, or any 3rd party software which may be accessing Abra files.
      9. Log on to the problem workstation as the network administrator and try to recreate the error. If the error does not occur for the administrator account, the user has insufficient network access permissions. Note: the network administrator would need to install Sage Abra Suite client under their own profile for testing.
      10. Is this a Wide Area Network? Sage HRMS Customer Support does not support Wide Area Networks.
      11. Is this a Peer-to-Peer network? Sage HRMS Customer Support does not support Sage Abra Suite on a Peer-to-Peer network.
      12. Verify if the affected client machine is on a wireless connection. If so connect it to an Ethernet port as Sage Abra Suite does not support wireless connection
      13. Install Sage Abra Suite on a local machine and copy the data to the local machine. Try to recreate the error on the local install. If unable to recreate the error, the user will need to have the IT department look into the network/environment settings for proper setup.

        If the error occurs while installing a product update:

    1. Ensure that the installer has logged on to the Sage Abra server as the system administrator.
    2. Close all other programs operating on the workstation and the server.
    3. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the C drive on the workstation. If there is a folder on the root of the C drive named ~TEMP~ or ~~TEMP~~, rename the folder.
    4. Browse to Abra Suite's Programs folder on the server. Sort the files by size. Delete any files of 0 KB size.
    5. If a Primary Domain Controller and Backup Domain Controller exist, have IT verify that they are in sync.
    6. Reinstall the product update.