Sage BusinessWorks: Corrected: Issue with state extra withholding not saving in download of Sage BusinessWorks Version 2020

The download of Sage BusinessWorks version 2020, released December 31, 2019, was paused due to state extra withholding not saving. The issue has been corrected and a new download file has been released.

Important: If you have already downloaded and installed Sage BusinessWorks version 2020 prior to this post, you need to download the new update and install it in order for this function to work properly.

 To install Sage BusinessWorks version 2020, please contact your Sage business partner or download the product update from the Sage Knowledgebase:

  1. Click the following link to download and install the update: Download Sage BusinessWorks 2020
  1. If you are prompted to log on, enter your Customer Portal Username and Password, and then click Log on.

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  • it does not let you download or log in

  • Hello!  I just tested and the file appears to be downloading for me. Have you tried again? If it doesn't work, you may need to contact our Support team. On the article, there is a Chat option that you can select to contact us for assistance. 

  • I also cannot get the corrected BW 2020 to download. I have tried it on 3 different computers, 2 which had the 2020 already installed and 1 that had not. I tried the downloads from the link provided in these threads and the links in the email that was sent and I also went directly to the Knowledge Base website. I have rebooted the computers and attempted the download again still with no luck. In all attempts I can log in and am taken to the page for the download, I click on the download button and it takes me thru the process up to where do I want to save the download. Once I select the location for the download  and click save nothing happens after that. The screen just stays blank and no download happens. Once again I have had exactly the same result on 3 different computers. One is even in another state going thru a whole different Internet connection than the other 2 computers.  I had no issues at all with the original downloads of BW 2020 on 2 the computers that have it. Any suggestions on how I can get the corrected version to actually download to the 2 computers that have it already loaded and the 1 computer that still needs the initial upgrade?

  • Update - I tried using a different browser and the download worked. Though the browser I tried originally did work when I first downloaded the original 2020 version. Strange it did not work for the revision. Will see what happens when the first service pack needs to be downloaded. FYI - don't laugh, but I still use AOL and the original downloads went fine.  I went to Edge still using the link in the AOL email and the revision download worked.

  • Is the 2020 Business Works update with new tax tables ready to go.  It feels like there is conflicting information. Today is January 7.