Should you skip the backup when doing a month end close?

No, you should never skip making a backup when closing the month.  Yes, even if you have a backup of your server or if your IT company is making a backup, YOU should always make a Sage BusinessWorks backup before closing.  When closing the month you will get the prompt asking you to back up your company data files before closing and you may ask yourself "Do I really need to backup?"  The answer is yes!  Selecting the Backup option before closing the month allows you to get a snapshot of your company from before the close.  If something happens during the close such as a power outage or a network disconnect a backup will need to be restored from prior to the attempt to close.  Making the backup yourself allows you to quickly restore the data and get back to your daily activities.  

If you happen to skip the back up, you can always manually back up the system or company files by following the steps below:

  1. Before beginning, verify that all other users have exited Sage BusinessWorks. From the Launcher menu, select File, Network Status. You should see only yourself listed. Close the Network Status window.
  2. From the Launcher menu, select File, Backup to open the Database Backup Wizard.
  3. In the first window of the wizard, read the information displayed and click Next.
  4. In the Select Company window, select the company ID or the System icon and click Next. In the Select Backup File Name window, select the drive and folder for this backup. Change the file name if desired and click Next.
  5. In the Begin Backup window, review the choices to be sure they are correct and click Start to begin the backup process.

If you are unable to complete a backup due to stranded users or tasks see article 17294 How to release or disconnect stranded users or tasks or watch the video article 51629 Video: How to backup and restore system and company files

Note: If you are closing all modules each time only one backup needs to be made.