I am moving to a new server and am being asked for a product code, how do I find it?


  • If you are upgrading from a previous version of Sage BusinessWorks you should not be prompted for the product code. If you are prompted for a product code it is likely that you are attempting to run the install on the client and not the server.
  • If you have BusinessWorks installed on a network, all downloads and upgrade installs must be performed directly on the server. If you are at a workstation, stop and start install over at the server.

When migrating Sage BusinessWorks to a new server or performing a brand new install, if you select ‘Network’ installation you will be prompted to enter the product code. There are only two product codes WG for Workgroup and CS for Client Server. Your serial numbers and unlock keys work on the version for which they were created.

It is critical that the correct product code is entered, failure to enter the correct product code may result in only one user being able to enter the program at a time.

To determine your product code, look at your System Manager module registration

  • System Manager registrations beginning with BUWCLSM, BWWCLSM, BWGCRSM, or BWGCLSM indicates you have purchased the workgroup and your product code is WG.
  • System Manager registration beginning with BUCCLSM or BGCCRSM indicates you have purchased the Client Server version and your product code is CS. To install the Client Server version you must have a server with a Windows server operating installed (Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, Small Business Server 2011, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2, or Server 2016).

You can access your registration by logging into the Sage Customer Portal

  • Select Sage BusinessWorks link in the 'My Products' section
  • Select 'Manage Cases'
  • Select ‘Profile’ and then ‘Product Registration