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We are currently experiencing longer than normal wait times on our phone system and are working diligently to answer your call. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing, but please know we value your business and are doing everything possible to assist you.

We also recognize that the busy year-end season is quickly approaching and that wait times will continue to be extended. To help solve your inquiries more quickly, we will gather top articles from our knowledgebase for the most common questions you're asking about your Sage 50cloud U.S. software and post them to the Sage 50 US Announcements, News, and Alerts forum on a frequent basis. Be sure to subscribe to this forum now to receive the upcoming posts!

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In addition, if you have questions about downloading/installing/upgrading, payroll, year-end processing, or Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive), you can let our Sage Support analysts assist you immediately by visiting Sage Q&A Live, choosing your topic room, then submitting your question(s).

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