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Sage 50 US: 1099-NEC filing for customers without a payroll subscription

Sage has published two knowledgebase articles with instructions to produce the New 1099-NEC Forms required for non-employee compensation. This type of compensation will no longer be reported on the 1099-MISC. 

Because the IRS requires that scannable forms be used for Copy A of the 1099-NEC, we are providing two options. One option provides .FRM files for the IRS provided forms (these can be ordered directly on the IRS website), and the other option supports the scannable 1099-NEC Forms available from Sage Checks and Forms

See Sage Knowledgebase article 108215 for instructions on using the IRS provided forms and Sage Knowledgebase article 108221 for instructions on using the Sage Checks and Forms version. 

Note: Information on the new 1099-NEC functionality provided through Aatrix will be available shortly based on upcoming tax releases for customers with a payroll subscription. For an optimal experience, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest release (2021.1.1 – Build and then install any year-end tax releases. The first Sage 50 tax update is expected to be available mid-December 2020.  

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