SMI equivalent of the FRx reporting tree?

What is the equivalent in SMI of the reporting tree in FRX?  How do you duplicate that functionality?

  • SMI has no equivalent of the Frx reporting tree.

  • since there isn't a "reporting tree" equivalent, does anyone have examples of reports generated using SMI that mimic reports generated using FRX with reporting trees in use?  surely, there has to be a way to group information based upon companies and/or segments within the gl account. does this need to be performed using Excel once the basic report is generated? 


    Although currently there is no directly comparable feature tha works just like reporting trees (although I have development on Reporting Trees for SMI is nearly complete) there are a few other ways to achieve the same thing.


    The Report Designer report includes segments and the layouts can be easily adjusted to use these. Additionally the "Report Filter" in the Report Designer lets you filter out values so using a Segment in the Report Filter might be an option.


    For more detailed control over categorization of accounts you could add Expressions that implement SQL rules to group data in whatever way you wish. This requires you to use the Connector module.



  • We should not have to be Proficient with SQL in order to accomplish the same thing we use to be able to accomplish by simply creating a tree.  Also the lack of help information via manuals with examples within the program makes SMI very hard to use and learn.


  • I agree, I do not feel that as it stands, SMI is a fair swop for FRx.