Stock Valuation Report by Bins

Is there a way to add bins to the stock valuation report. I need to know the value by bins. Thanks!

  • You could get close by building your own report:

    Something like:

    SELECT b.ItemID, d.ShortDesc, c.WhseBinID, a.QtyOnHand, e.AvgUnitCost, a.QtyOnHand * e.AvgUnitCost 'Value'

    FROM timWhseBInINvt a

    INNER JOIN timItem b

    ON a.ItemKey = b.ItemKey

    INNER JOIN timWhseBin c

    ON a.WhseBinKey = c.WhseBinKey

    INNER JOIN timItemDescription d

    ON b.ItemKey = d.ItemKey

    INNER JOIN timInventory e

    ON a.ItemKey = e.ItemKey AND c.WhseKey = e.WhseKey

    This would be a point in time report only (meaning it's only good for that exact moment).  And it assumes you use average cost.  I'm not sure if you would need cost tiers but that would add complexity.  AND THIS WOULD ONLY BE CLOSE.

  • Thank you very much! This work Hugging

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