Creating shipments

What is the process of creating shipments in Sage through insertion into the sql database? I have inserted into the picklist table, the shipment/ship line table, and the batch table and shipments are still not showing up in the Sage 500 software. The shipments show up in both the shipment and ship line view tables. Is there something I am missing?

  • Shipping is a little more complex than inserting records into tables.  If you run a SQL trace while you go through each process (Create Pick, Confirm Pick, Generate Shipment, Commit Shipment, Post Shipment) you will see what I mean especially if you are dealing with lot items, serialized items, or BTO kits. 

    We've built a SQL API that mimics this functionality as well as the packaging aspects of it that uses staging tables and stored procedures in a similar manner that Sage 500 Date Migrator routines do.   

    If you want to learn more about this API contact Dom Dellomo at [email protected] for more info.

  • Well for now I am only trying to be able to have one shipment to show up in Sage 500 ERP. I ran a SQL trace and to my understanding, the software gets the shipment info from the view table, "vdvShipment". I have multiple shipments in that table that do not show up in Sage.

  • vdvShipment is not a table.   I would really follow Lou's advice.  There are multiple table that must be written too.  If you are struggling this much I would not recommend continuing.  You can easily corrupt the database doing direct writes with incomplete understanding.  This is, depending on what you need to do, a days and days project at best.