How to change your preferences

Where can you change settings for your userid in Sage 500?  Under System Manager, Tools there is a task named User Preferences

On the first tab named Preferences, you can change things such as the ability to use the Enter Key as the Tab key. You can also turn on/off the Customizer icon and DataPorter icons as well.  If you are using SQL authenticated logins to access Sage 500 and you wanted to change your password to Sage 500, go to the Passwords tab. The Passwords tab is not available if you are using Windows Authentication.  The Defaults tab has additional options such as Showing the Quantity of an item that is available in Sales Order. You can also setup defaults for Order Entry, as well as assign default printers for picking or invoicing. Note that default doesn't mean you couldn't print to a different printer when you are about to print.

Notice that at the top of the User Preferences screen, the green ? (Help) icon.  Click the green ? icon for more detail about each of the options on all the tabs.  Changes made to any of the above options are stored by userid in the tsmuser table.

If you need to make changes to some defaults and didn't know where to find them, hopefully this blog helped you!