Whether "Vendor Kits" or a similar workaround exists

I apologize beforehand for the length of this question, but this is a serious issue our company faces, and I wanted to describe our dilemma as clearly and precisely as possible. I tried to state the problem and solution we had in mind concisely in the initial paragraph, so if a suitable answer could occur to anyone without reading the entire post, it would happen as soon as possible, while much of the rest of the post is just supplementary information.

Question: We buy certain items from our vendors that are essentially a kit, compromised of components. When we receive these kits, we separate the components and store them separately, we then sell these components as kits, but with different component quantities. Is it possible to essentially have or make vendor kit codes that when received, modify, (naturally, by increasing, as items are being received), the quantity of the components?

When we make a PO, we want to use our vendors “kit” codes, and when we receive the order, we want it to adjust the component quantities, not the quantity of the kits, which are picked to order, when we sell them.

Please note that when WE SELL the kits, they are picked to order and are therefore exploded on SOs.

It is too burdensome and time-consuming to have to manually breakdown our vendors kits into component parts and then receive it as such. We also don’t want to change the way we make orders with our vendors by sending them POs for components of the kit.

About our Sage 100 platform: the only relevant modules we have for this sort of operation would be the Purchase Order Module, the Inventory Management Module, and the Sales Order Module. We do not have the Bill of Materials Module or the Manufacturing Module, and we are uncertain whether those modules would allow the function described above, or something practically equivalent, but if that were the case, it would be a strong impetus for us to consider purchasing access to these modules.

A highly unideal solution that occurs to us is to receive these special items as kits, and, (due to lacking various modules meant for this purpose), we could represent the process of effectively converting these kits into their components, (or decreasing the component of the kits), by issuing the kits, and receive items that are the components of the kits, (thereby increasing the quantity of the components). This is, in our estimate, a highly deficient solution, because the same problem arises in which kits can’t explode except in SOs, (to our knowledge), meaning we would have to have calculate the number of components that would be received based on how many kits were issued, and enter this information, doing this every time we wanted to have our inventory system record the number of components.

I want to say that I am always impressed with how much assistance I have received from users on this forum, and if I am not so forthcoming with the results of our implementation of the solutions I receive, it is due to the difficulty of implementing them, either because of our lack of experience using Sage 100, or because the solutions we received are not permitted to be implemented by upper management.