Hosted CRM system and the Outlook Plugin

We offer a solution to host our customers on our data centre. Most of them are Sage 300 customers but some of them use integrated CRM as well and we have a few standalone CRM customers.

I need to allow my customers to file emails from their Outlook to CRM but CRM is not installed on a server within their network. After a lot of faffing about I managed to get the Outlook Lite plugin installed. It took ages due to the some oddities with their internal security set up. They have been sorted and I can install the plugin.  Their CRM system is running over the open internet on port 4443. I altered the custom system parameter to set the OutlookPort to 4443. Not sure if I needed to do this. If they connect to CRM internally they can use HTTP and the standard port. The external port is only set on the firewall and uses port redirection.

Once installed trying to file emails refuses to work. Surely if I configured the settings on installation I set the server name to be the address that the user uses to access CRM (including the port) and then in the port I also set the port, provided the CRM install name and the log in name, so that when I first come into Outlook when I first try and use the plugin I was expecting it to prompt me for the users password but it didn't. I tried logging with support and they said that CRM hosted doesn't allow you to use the Outlook plugin. I feel that is not right. What if the user is out on the road and they have Outlook loaded and use an open WIFI to access email and want to file an email? Do they really have to come into the office to file emails?

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