Automatically change opportunity stage to Quoted when a quote raised


I have a field in the opportunity screen for Stage (oppo_stage)  which has "Quoted" as one of the options in the drop down list. Can somone please advise if and how I can get this field to automatically go from "In-Progress" (default value for new oportunities) to "Quoted" when a quote is raised against that opportunity.

Also hopefully a very similar answer but if a quote is converted to an order or a order is raised in the opportunity it automaticly updates the Stage to "Won"


  • Hi 

    There are a few ways to achieve this. You could create an insertrecord tablescript on the Quote entity to update the Opportunity Stage (presumably you would only update the stage if it was only at a certain value e.g Lead) or you could create an Escalation rule (which wouldn't update immediately) but could check for Opportunities at a certain stage that have a total quote value > 0 and set the field etc.

  • Just to add, dependant on your version, you could also create a SQL Trigger. I tend to steer away from creating these for Sage CRM as TLS allows us to pretty much replicate a tigger anyway, but I know other developers use them. 

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