Opportunity and Quote Number - CRM

Hello All,

When we create an opportunity it creates a numerical number i.e. 100,000.

We the create a Quote within this Opportunity and it creates a different number.

Is there a way that we can have the Opportunity number the same as the Quote number?

Thank you


  • Is the number created on the opportunity a standard field? If so, which one? What are you trying to achieve by doing this? If you had more than one quote on that opportunity, you'd get the same value on more than one quote.

    If you want to be able to link the quote to the opportunity, the quote already contains the opportunity ID.

    If you do just want that number, then create the target field on the quote, and then have a small table script on the quote that sets the value to be the same as the one on the opportunity. How well do you know tablescripts in CRM?

  • It sounds very much like you have a custom field on your opportunity table that creates a reference number that is visible to users (as opposed to the opportunity id which is normally hidden).  To link order and quote references to that number then you would need to add additional custom functionality.  As @Vega has suggested, you may want to ask yourself what you are trying to achieve.

  • Also by your wording it implies you want the Quote number to drive the Opportunity number. In fact you would want the Opportunity number to drive the Quote number. This is because you can have Opportunities without a Quote, but Quotes must be linked to an Opportunity. 

    Otherwise I agree with the others, what is the end result you're after and then we probably have an answer to that. 

  • Thanks for your replies

    What I would like is to create an opportunity, from then on that opportunity number becomes the quote number

    The problem at the moment is that we have an opportunity number and a quote number that are different

  • That's fine but you will have to customise the functionality to do that.  You will have to create a script to update the quote reference when you create a new quote.