Filing emails from Outlook

With the changes in the drag and drop, so an email from Outlook dragged onto the communication tab attaches the email instead of setting the email content, is it possible to amend the 'Subject' content on the communication created if you use the 'File Email' with the Outlook plugin?

You have 2 options, 'File Email' or 'File and View', but the 'File and View' seems a little pointless as you can only close.

If it had a 'Change' option, this would be great.

It's just that when filing an email that has 'Re: Re: Re: Re: etc etc...' it would be nice to be able to 'cleanse' the Subject in the CRM communication...

Any suggestions or should this be pushed as an enhancement?

  • If it's a email (you can't track the soure)  then you have either :

    A table level script

    SQL trigger

    SQL Job

    .. that could affect the subject line a clean it up repition "re: re: re: etc" But then you would loose the outlook to the exact match from outlook to CRM on subject.