SageCRM 2020R1 - How to File a MailChimp Communication


I'm hoping someone can assist me with the MailChimp integration with Sage.
In particular, we are using MailChimp integration in SageCRM2020R1.

So the issue we are experiencing is that the MailChimp email (Communication) isn't appearing or possibly not being sync back to the Person (recipient) Communication Tab.

According to this link:, point 9 indicates that "Data from all campaigns is synchronized from the MailChimp server to Sage CRM. Communication records are created in Sage CRM for each recipient. Recipients who have opted out are flagged and do not receive any further campaign emails."

So, I'm missing something here. Either its not being sync, or a param is missing or wrong in our Custom_SysParam table.

Let me know what I need to verify in order to get this working properly. Thanks and much appreciated in advance for your assistance on this issue.


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