Why are CRM Appointments created on desktops viewed as Tasks in CRM Mobile (browser)

I have a client beginning to use CRM on desktop computers to arrange Appointments for customer service visits.  The Appointments save as such. 

The customer service reps in the field access these Appointments from CRM Mobile (through the iPhone web browser).  They can the Appointments under My CRM on the Calendar.  However, when they click on these Appointments, they open as Tasks. 

Instead of the "Date/Time" and "End Time" fields that were set on the desktop as an Appointment... they see the "Due Date/Time" and "Start Date/Time" of a Task. 

The "Date/Time" (of the appointment) appears in the "Due Date/Time" field (of the task), and "End Time" shows in "Start Date/Time."  That in itself is backwards.

Worse, it prevents the mobile user from saving the record, because you cannot have a due date ahead of a start time.  If they reverse the times in order to complete the Save, the record is transformed from an Appointment to a Task, which can then be confirmed on the desktop or the mobile.

What could possibly be causing these Appointments to appear as Tasks on the mobile device?

This is just about to go live and hadn't happened in earlier testing.  This is CRM 2018 R2.

Please help!  Thanks very much...


  • Just a quick update... I've found that CRM Mobile only recognizes Appointments set with the Action of "Meeting" as an Appointment.  From my testing, I believe all other action types are seen as tasks.  The Appointment I was creating on a desktop computer was set with a custom action type of "Facility Visit," which CRM Mobile also considers a task.  That seems to be the reason for my issue above.

    So, my question now is how do I create (or edit) a custom action type so that CRM Mobile sees it as an Appointment?



  • Can I please double check.  Are you using the iPhone APP or the Mobile Interface within an iPhone?

  • Absolutely.  I'm not using the app, just the Mobilie Interface (web browser) within a iPhone.  Thank you! -Kevin

  • One more update...  I later tried the opposite of the above.  This time, from CRM Mobile (web browser, not the app), I created several communications.  I tried almost every action type in the list.  All but "Meeting" created tasks when I later looked at them from the desktop computer.  The one created with Meeting became an appointment on the desktop computer.

  • Are you sure that when entering the action Facility Visit via the desktop it was as New Appointment? I've just tested on a demo system using a custom action type and I cannot replicate your first issue. (Sage CRM 2018 R3)

    However on the mobile access, if the comm_action selection value equals anything other than 'Meeting'. You should see the screen change from  "Date Time / End Time" to "Due Date/Time and Start Date/Time"

    Check out the following in the mobile.js (WWWRoot\mobile\)

    function CheckAction(value){
    var action = GetCommAction(value);
    var oldAction = document.getElementById("_HIDDENcomm_action").value;
    document.getElementById("_HIDDENcomm_action").value = action;
    if ((action=='Meeting') || (oldAction === 'Meeting') || (oldAction === '')){ // Change to or from 'Meeting'


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