Follow-Up task carrying forward Completed DateTime and saving to database.

Anyone else experiencing this? When creating a follow-up task that you to another task that you are completing. When the follow-up task appears on your screen (status set to pending) after original save, it carries forward the completed time from the previous task, and saves it to the database. I find this to be extremely strange considering if you take a task and set the status to pending it automatically wipes out the completed date. I applied a trigger to the Communications table on the Insert to fix this, but individuals will still want to wipe out that date which takes time and adds up. More importantly if they didn't wipe that date out it messes with our reporting.

  • So I can make sure I understand your issue can you give me the exact steps to reproduce.  Also can you reference the fields in the communication table that you see updated?

  • Log In to Sage Navigate to any task/communication list. Click the Completed check mark from the list of tasks/communications. This should open the task/communication. With the status set to Completed and then check the box to Create a Follow-Up task. Once you click save, a new task/communication opens with the Status set to Pending, and date filled into the Completed field.

    Normally if you had completed a task and then set the task back to Pending the Completed date gets wiped out. in this instance the date is not being wiped out.

    The fields discussed above are the [comm_status], and [comm_completedtime] fields.

  • Damian

    I'm using Sage CRM 2019 R2.

    This is our old friend comm_completedtime see:

    comm_completedtime within a default system is a readonly field.  This is set at the level of the field rather than within the CustomCommunicationDetailBox screen.

    I don't get a date filled into my comm_completedtime field in the new Task.  It gets entered into the original task record.

    I can set the status back to pending in a completed task and within a default instance the comm_completedtime is set to null.  This is irrespective of whether a follow up task has been created for that original task.

    Do you have any table level scripts or other customizations in the system?

  • Thank you for the input... I did have a something in the Create Script which I applied as an attempt to fix this issue. However, once I removed it my issue disappeared -_- Like I said I applied this when I first noticed this issue, and now removing it got rid of the Issue. At least it is fixed, and in case it happens again I am just going to leave the coding I have built on the Trigger that at the Database level to ensure the issue doesn't come back and start messing with the system. Completely baffled!