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Advisory: (REVISED) Transport Layer Security Support (Vendors ending of support for TLS 1.1)

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) no longer recommends the use of older TLS versions. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla have announced a unified plan to deprecate the use of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 early in 2020.

There are slightly different dates for different browsers, but there’s a consensus that only 1.2 should be supported. Other software and infrastructure providers are also ending support for TLS 1.1. This will impact Microsoft Exchange and other service providers.

Sage CRM ended support for TLS 1.0 in Sage CRM 2018 R2.

Over the next few weeks, software patches will be released for all supported versions of Sage CRM from 2018 R1 onwards, to ensure TLS 1.2 compatibility. Further details and release dates will be published on Sage City. For information about currently supported versions of Sage CRM please refer to the Sage CRM support lifecycle page.
Note: Sage CRM 2017 R1, 2017 R2 and 2017 R3 will not be patched. Support for these versions will end on 30th September 2020. Customers running Sage CRM 2017 R3 or earlier are advised to upgrade as soon as possible 

Customers on Sage CRM 7.3 sp3 and earlier are strongly advised to upgrade to a supported version at the earliest opportunity.

The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol is the successor of SSL and is the foundation of HTTPS, the protocol used to encrypt communications between websites and end-users. TLS is also used for securing other transmission protocols, such as POP3S, IMAPS and SMTPS, which are used for sending and receiving emails.

The original TLS 1.0 was first published in January 1999. TLS 1.1 arrived in 2006 and TLS 1.2, in 2008.