• Adding new field 'country' to Phone/Email screen

    Hi ,

    I would like to add a new drop down field country onto the Phone/email screen of the company. The phone number field of the company needs to be validated upon the country entered. As european numbers differ from other numbers, this would be better…

  • Adding a new field to 'Proposal Submitted Page'


    I am a beginner to sage crm. I played around with the application but I wanted to add a new field "probablity%" onto proposal submitted page. I tried for inline customization,but I am not able to see inline customization that page, whereas it was…

  • New calendar


    The new calendar in Sage CRM 2017/2018 has a better look but some basic features are still missing in my opinion:

    - possibility to create a appointment for another user from the calendar view

    - drag and drop functionality on other user's calendar…

  • How to add communication type in SAGE CRM,

    Dear All,

    I want to create a new communication type, existing are Todo,Appointment,Email,etc...I want to specify custom fields that go into that communication type.

    Please provide a step by step guide to create a new communication Type.

  • Change shown Field after select in Advanced Search Field (f.e. in new communication)


    i've got a simple question. After you choose a - f.e. - Company from an advanced search field (like in any communication) there's always their full phone number under the text field.

    How can i change data is shown when i select a company…