Integrate Allworx with CRM

Client has Allworx phone system and is looking to automatically create Phone In / Phone Out Sage CRM Communications against recognised Customer/Prospect/Supplier callers id's along with duration (start / end times) and user based on the call data records.

Has anyone looked at this?  I see that Greytrix has a CTI piece.  I was looking for any alternatives that there may be.



  • The Allworx CDR looks very similar to 3CX, we've done quite a bit in this area. We already have a working solution for 3CX where the CDR data is matched against CRM records and the CRM Communication records are automatically created with date and duration. Also the call volumes (by hunt group, ext, month) can be displayed as a summary chart.


    We also built an API around the CDR to interact with Sage CRM in other ways
    Here is a quick Video Example

    Feel free to drop me a message if you need some pointers.

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    Thanks Sean.  I'll have a look at it with the client and get in touch with you after that.

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