Does CRM 2023.R1 have "Contact and Email Import" feature working for an on-premise Exchange 2019?

This Sage City post regarding Outlook plugins and CRM 2022.R2:

Stated that:
"The new Contact and Email Import feature introduced in Sage CRM 2022 R2 will support connection to Microsoft Exchange Online. Sage aims to include support for Exchange On-Premise and Google Workspace from Sage CRM 2023 R1."

Is this true? Can the latest release of CRM do away with the Outlook Lite plugin for an on-premise Exchange server? (i.e. same functionality as Exchange Online) I've upgraded to 2023 on our test platform and the admin windows and documentation appear to still only talk about importing emails via Exchange Online... but am I missing something?


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    Hi Ken

    It had been our intention to extend to Google Workspace but this was dropped from the sprints for Sage CRM 2023 R1 to prioritise the expansion of the email import feature to include Cases and Custom Entities.  This decision was based on the feedback from partners within the Partner Advisory Councils and conversations with the Sage teams around the world.   The import contacts and email feature relies on OAuth2.  OAuth2.0 is not available for Exchange on premise.  

    We are looking to connect Sage CRM to mailboxes hosted on Exchange Server (on-premises) by using Hybrid Modern Authentication (HMA). But this is not yet available.

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    Thanks for the info... that is very disappointing.

    I see under Preferences that the option to install the Outlook Lite plugin continues to exist. I assume that is my continued only option for importing emails into our CRM?


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    An alternative route is to look to the Accelerator Lite/Professional plugins via CRM Together.  Sage's strategy is eliminate all additional installs.    Please see:  (+) Advisory: Support for Outlook Plugins in Sage CRM 2022 R2 - Announcements - Sage CRM - Sage City Community

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    Hi Jeff

    I’m wondering if this functionality will be available for other protocols as well.

    Have a customer who is looking for upgrade to 2023.R1 to remove dependency from outlook plugins, but he is still using older POP3 emails accounts.

    Any chance of having this out of the box?


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    Hi Tino

    Where the customer on Sage CRM 2023 R1 is using Outlook that is connected to older POP3 email accounts or where Outlook is used as the email client for an email server other than Exchange (or where Exchange is on-premise) then I think using the Accelerator product from CRM Together is a good idea.