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We are currently having a problem with a CRM Environment we have set up where users logging in face an intermittent issue of the buttons on the right hand side of CRM been pushed off screen to make them inaccessible (and no horiztonal scroll bar). This happens at random and we've not been able to replicate on demand with the exeption of having multiple CRM Tabs open which is something we don't do as standard practice. however, they are connecting to a Terminal Server to log onto CRM.

We've had a number of investigations into this to no avail, are there any further recommendations that anyone else can think of to help us resolve this? This is Sage 200 CRM 2018 R3.

  • Display Intranet Site in Compatibility View is turned off, we did try it with it on too.
  • CRM site is added to Trusted Sites.
  • Our Technical Team have confirmed the screen resolutions is the correct size for what they need.
  • We Cleared Cache/Cookies to make sure no problems there.
  • This happens on multiple browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox to name a few).
  • Clicking Refresh whilst on the page will fix it at that moment in time.
  • Minimizing/Maximizing the browser does not resolve the issue, only refreshing.
  • Zooming out does seem to fix the issue but this makes CRM unreadable for our users.
  • Having spoken to Sage, this was a known issue which was resolved on an earlier version but intermittent on certain builds of windows 10, however, we are using Windows Server 2012 R2 (as it's a TS).
    • We were suggested to use a workaround which results in deleting/commenting out line 2270 in the ergonomic.css file (/wwwroot/themes/ergonomic).
      • This did appear to fix it, but the issue in this scenario is that it caused the gap between the screen and the buttons on the right to increase and add a horiztonal scrollbar. Which means they have to scroll for everything instead.

This isn't a workaround they'd prefer and asked us to remove it as a result but I was just wondering if there were any further suggestions that we could perhaps look into or if anyone has come across this issue previously and had an alternative workaround? I'd just like to rule out everything possible. i have seen this before but it was more regular and was fixed by resizing the screen, in this case, it's not very often.

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