Sage CRM 2023 R1: SDK Improvements - New Advanced Customisation Wizard

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Sage's goal is to provide open, standard-based, and free APIs for developers and ISVs to integrate with Sage CRM. This will allow for seamless integration with Sage Accounting Products and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.

Creating custom entities in your Sage CRM system is a straightforward process that requires downloading, installing, and utilizing the Advanced Customization Wizard, which is an optional component of Sage CRM. This tool enables you to configure various parameters for your custom entity.

In Sage CRM 2023 R1, the Email Import feature has been enhanced to support custom entities. This will allow emails to be associated with custom entity records. This new functionality is in a new version of the Advanced Customization Wizard. The new version of the Wizard includes the required code to enable this behaviour for newly created custom entities.

It's important to exercise caution when using the Advanced Customization Wizard, as it can potentially create significant issues if not used carefully. The tool makes changes to the database structure, resulting in new screens, lists, and menus that are permanent modifications to the system.

The Wizard has been updated for Sage CRM 2023 R1. You can find the new version here:

We have refreshed the default icon to match the new brand icons used within the product. When a new entity is created using the Wizard the new icon will match the existing style guide.

A full set of icons is provided for use in menus and dropdowns.