Sage CRM 2023 R1: Changes to Help and Available Resources

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Customers and partners seeking information on the features and supported environments of Sage CRM's supported versions, the primary resource is the Help Center located at

The Help Center has been updated with release notes, guides, and online help to support the release of Sage CRM 2023 R1. The documentation has been revised to incorporate the new features that have been implemented to enhance the user experience.

The User Guide and online help have been updated to include:

  • Updated to describe the Company Narrative Summary
  • The Download, edit & reupload of documents, spreadsheets etc
  • The Email Import feature has been updated to cover
    • Cases and Custom Entities
    • Flags and Filters
  • Sage Branding uplift for default User Interface

And the System Administration Guide has also been updated to include

  • Updated to describe the Company Narrative Summary and its coverage by security policies.
  • The updates to the Email Import feature has been described.
  • Hardware recommendations for installation have been updated.

Developer updates

  • Revised .NET Documentation on
  • There is a new Advanced Customisation Wizard
  • Documentation to describe how to enabling existing custom entity to allow email import.
  • We’ve expanded the ability to override styles
  • There’s a New SDK Installer with revised snippets.

The Release Notes document the issues and enhancements addressed in Sage CRM 2023 R1. All these changes have been documented in the Help Center and in training material added to the community and YouTube channel. — This will be available after the release of the product.