How to update unit cost within Item File Maintenance ?

As per title, I know when I key in purchase/supplier invoice, the unit cost within Item File Maintenance (IFM) also update itself accordingly.

However, I also notice that is I happen to only key in quantity and save+accept the transaction then later on come back to edit/key in purchase value, this time when I click accept, the unit cost within IFM does not update itself.

The same issue goes to Adjustment - Increase transaction.

Please can anyone assist or I can only wait support to reply my email ?

  • Please check & select update unit cost when creating the transaction.  This can be found in the Create receive transaction, It is next to the supplier code.   Then check in housekeeping > general setup > Stock valuation > Type contributing to costing (stock valuation & cost calculation ), make sure supplier invoice & adjustment increase is selected.

  • Dear Steven, 

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have checked and can confirm I have already done that.

    The issue is, the unit cost only update on the first time when the transaction is created. Let's say if I made a typing error, the unit cost is RM10, but I type in RM100. So it is correct that the system capture Rm100 as unit cost.

    Afterwards when I realised the mistake and i go to edit the transaction from RM100 to RM10, I notice that the unit cost is not updated in Item File Maintenance, therefore i have to go to Item File Maintenance to change it manually.

    The function I am looking for is whether I can update unit cost the similar way i can update last 3 transaction price in the system. I hope you understand my questions.



  • Please write in to our email for further assistance.  [email protected]