Simplify the method of data entry item in order entry

Hi, I just started use and learn ERP, what I learn now is adding item in Inventory Control and Order Entry. I am facing some concept problem.

I was using Excel before ERP. In Excel, I can choose some additional option for a single inventory and change the pricing. 


The Inventory Name is Coffee, and there is additional option such as Sugar and Milk, Both sugar and milk are declared as Boolean data type, which is Yes or No. With or without sugar or milk will affect the price of the coffee. 

It is easy to apply the calculation method in Excel because we can create our own formula and interface by using Excel.

What I want to do in ERP is, I create an item, Coffee in Inventory Control within the price, when I order the coffee in Order Entry, I would like to try that I can have those additional option to allow me to choose 

Can anyone teach me how to apply this method in ERP ?