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ALERT: Sage X3 Red Hat & Linux Update

The Sage X3 Syracuse Web Server will only support Linux deployments on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 or Oracle Enterprise Linux 8, starting with Syracuse Web Server 12.18, delivered with 2023 R1.

We strive to guarantee continuous technical compliance and to make the latest security improvements available to you through continuous updates to our technical platform for Sage X3. That is instrumental in helping you keep your instances up to date and operating to the highest standards of security and compliance.

Sage X3 2023 R1 will be released early May 2023. That release includes important security and technical compliance updates, including an update of the Syracuse Server Node.js framework to Node.js 18.

Node.js for Linux is now built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 and links against glibc 2.28, which makes it compatible only with Linux distributions with a matching or higher version of glibc.

This means, starting Syracuse 12.18 delivered with 2023 R1, we will no longer support deployments of the Sage X3 Syracuse Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or Oracle Enterprise Linux 7. The only supported version of Enterprise Linux will be RHEL 8 or OEL 8.

Consequently, customers will need to upgrade any Enterprise Linux 7 platform running the SAFE X3 Syracuse component to Enterprise Linux 8, prior to updating your Sage X3 instance to 2023 R1.

The update from 7 to 8 may be done in place, without having to reinstall any of the Sage X3 components, provided the Linux pre-requisites and required libraries for Sage X3 are present. Please follow general guidelines for RHEL or for OEL platforms, and please review the general pre-requisites for Linux on the on the Sage X3 Online Help. As for any update, please make sure you apply maximum caution in any case (Test update, backups…)

Please note this applies to the Syracuse Web Server platforms. You will need to update any platform running the Syracuse Web Server, but the update is not mandatory on servers where there are none, even if they run other Sage X3 components such as the Runtime.

However, Sage strongly recommends you always update all your Sage X3 servers and instances to the latest supported releases of the operating system and all related pre-requisites. Please review the pre-requisites documentation for more details.


  • Some non-default packages and libraries required by Sage X3 and listed in the Sage X3 technical pre-requisites on the on the Sage X3 Online Help, might be deleted when the operating system is upgraded. Please make sure you check the pre-requisites thoroughly and that you download any required library in the correct version, if it is not already present in RHEL8 / OEL 8.
  • RPM-based (software-only) Oracle installations may be reset by an Enterprise Linux 8 update. In that case, you will need to reinstall the RPM Oracle software. The actual database and settings are not impacted by the upgrade, but Sage recommends maximum caution in all cases, including full database backups prior to the upgrade.
    If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to your local Sage X3 representative.