• Update on changes to the X3 Sales Team

    Dear Partners, 

    We would like to let you know a forthcoming change to service with our X3 Sales team in the coming months. 

    To allow us to focus on processing your sales more efficiently, we have taken the decision to remove the telephone access route to…

  • CRITICAL ALERT: X3 Manufacturing - Product Setup Time Matrix (Fix is available)

    We have been alerted by the R&D team that the mapping for "Product Setup Time Matrix" has not been installed correctly for 2021R2 (V12 P26) and 2021R3 (V12 P27)

    This new functionality is unusable in these versions of X3. 

    FIX is Available…

  • ALERT: **RESOLVED** Mysage Case Management Portal update **RESOLVED**

    Latest Update as of 9AM 17/9/21  

    The issue has now been resolved and the Case Management Portal is now available.  

    We will no longer be monitoring the [email protected] mailbox.


    Latest Update as of 12.10 PM:

    • An emergency release…
  • ALERT: Eclipse Debugging in a Syracuse Cluster can exhaust Memory and CPU


    A problem has been discovered with memory and CPU consumption when Eclipse Debugging is being undertaken with a multi-server Syracuse cluster.

    This has been identified as an issue when using the Syracuse Load balancer:-

    The Syracuse nanny process…

  • ALERT: Sage X3 Version 11 Patch 20 is now available

    Sage X3 Version 11 Patch 20 is now available

    Please refer to the latest Patch information at this link: V11 Latest Patch information 

  • ALERT: HMRC Taxation Submissions

    Product / Service Impacted

     HMRC Taxation Submissions

    Reported Impact

    • Tax submissions to HMRC are intermittently sitting in a ‘pending’ state
    • This impacts Personal Tax self-assessments & Corporation Tax returns.

    Next Steps

    As of 1.34pm…

  • ALERT: Hotfix for V12.0.25 (2021 R1) now available

    As announced in our previous article "ALERT: Hotfix for V12.0.25 (2021 R1) to be released shortly" this hotfix is now released and available from our FTP site.

    This hotfix is only needed for and relevant to Version 12.0.25  (2021 R1)   It resolves…

  • ALERT: Scheduled maintenance on the Tangerine SEI Licensing web sites on 19th December.

    Tangerine has notified us that the IP addresses of the following websites, used for registering licenses, will be changed on the 19th December and these sites will be un-available for a maximum of 4 hours:

    https://customerzone.tangerinesoftware.com and…

  • ALERT: Advanced Bank Statement Import (BSI) issue identified on 2020R3

    An issue was detected in the BSI function in 2020R3 (V12P23), whereby the company amount in the open items is not calculated correctly after modifying upper case matches and manually assigning the remainder of the payment to another open item, effectively…

  • ALERT: Version 12 - Hotfix available for Runtime and Adxadmin (93.1.19)

    A new version of the Runtime and Adxadmin component is now available for X3 Version 12

    The Runtime version 93.1.19 and Adxadmin version 93.1.19 addresses the following issue:

    • Address Overflow Signal when opening Sales orders function (GESSOH)



  • ALERT: New Runtime and Adxadmin available for X3 Version 12

    A new version of the Runtime and Adxadmin component is now available for X3 Version 12

    The Runtime version 93.1.17 and Adxadmin version 93.1.17 addresses the following issues:

    • "Address overflow" error message in Sales Orders (GESSOH)
  • ALERT: Text editor Formatting Issue with "&" Symbol in V11

    An issue has been identified with the Sage X3 text editor : If any text containing the "&" symbol is saved when it is reloaded the "&" symbol is converted to its HTML equivalent and will be displayed as "&amp" instead.…