• ALERT : Hotfix MongoDB is now available.

    MongoDB hotfix is now released and available from our FTP Site

    This Hotfix addresses an issue with the Mongo 4.0 Installer when the Certificate Password contains a dollar-sign ($).

    The Installer displays the following error message:


  • ALERT: Syracuse Server Hotfixes are now available for V12 and V11

    ALERT: Syracuse Server Hotfixes are now available for V12 and V11 

    Syracuse Server version and Syracuse Server version 

    The Syracuse hotfixes contain fixes for issues:

    -Excel export does not work from a dashboard (X3-236950…

  • ALERT: V11 Syracuse and PU9 Syracuse

    Please refer to the Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy for information on the different Sage X3 versions' support status. Syracuse hotfixes that apply to the maintained versions, releases, and patch levels:

    The latest Syracuse releases are only certified with…

  • ALERT: Hotfix for V12.0.25 (2021 R1) now available

    As announced in our previous article "ALERT: Hotfix for V12.0.25 (2021 R1) to be released shortly" this hotfix is now released and available from our FTP site.

    This hotfix is only needed for and relevant to Version 12.0.25  (2021 R1)   It resolves…

  • ALERT: Hotfix for V12.0.25 (2021 R1) to be released shortly

    A new hotfix for Version 12.0.25  (2021 R1)  will be released shortly.

    This  hotfix contains resolutions for 2 issues in 
    Common Data > BPs > Customers  (GESBPC) when saving the Company name 2 (field BPRNAM) :-


    • If the "Company Name 2"  i…
  • ALERT: Version 11 - Hotfix for Syracuse (

    A new hotfix for Version 11 Syracuse has just been released

    This Syracuse hotfix contains resolutions for the following issues as well as the fixes embedded in the Syracuse Hotfix:
    • EDI SIHEDICOM - Blanks at the beginning and end of…
  • ALERT: Syracuse 11.24.1 released with new revised Visual Process Editor display component

    Hotfix to address visual process editor display in V11 Patch 18 Released.

    With Syracuse version 11.23 which was recently released with V11 Patch 18, a critical issue was found this resulted in any images or icons that were inserted with links into the…

  • ALERT: Security SyracuseServer hotfixes available for U9,V11 and V12

    We have detected a non-critical potential security threat in the Syracuse component of Sage X3.

    We recommend you install the following security hot fixes for versions V12, V11 and PU9. 


    V12 SyracuseServer

    V11 SyracuseServer

    U9   S…

  • ALERT - Flash Deprecation: New Visual Process Editor Available

    Adobe has announced the end of life of the Adobe Flash component as of December 31st 2020. After this date Adobe Flash technology will no longer be supported.

    Sage X3 2020 R3 and 2020 R4 contain the replacement of the Flash technology components used…