• Patching the Sage X3 Runtime component in isolation

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: April-2021: This document has been superceeded by the April 2021 technology patch updates and is therefore no longer up to date and is not being maintained going forward.  This blog article is only being retained for historical reference…

  • ALERT: Version 12 - Hotfix available for Runtime and Adxadmin (93.1.22)

    A new version of the Runtime and Adxadmin component is now available for X3 Version 12

    The Runtime version 93.1.22 and Adxadmin version 93.1.22 addresses the following issue:

    • "Non-existent Label" error in ASYRSUBTAB.adx


    You can download…

  • ALERT: V12 Brazilian Legislation hotfix for "Address Overflow" error

    This hotfix is ONLY for Brazilian Legislation on X3 Version 12 and should not be applied unless Brazilian Legislation is being used

    Runtime 92.2.91 and Adxadmin 92.2.91 resolve an issue with Brazilian Legislation whereby the electronic transmission of…

  • ALERT: Hotfix for Runtime and AdxAdmin when using V12 2020 R2 (12.0.22)

    If you are using V12 2020 R2 (12.0.22) and also use the "min" function in your 4GL code with strings in the parameters, an incorrect value is returned

    For example:
    min(1,2,3)         ## Returns correct result

  • WARNING: Patching with Multi-Runtime instances prior to Version 12 Patch 22

    With earlier versions of Sage X3, when patching Sage X3 instances with Multiple Runtime servers, applying the X3 patch will fail if you have more than one runtime running whilst you are patching.

    Before applying an X3 patch you should therefore either…