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Alert: Mongo DB 4.0 End of Life

Mongo DB 4.0 End of Life

Sage X3 uses the MongoDB open source NoSQL database engine to store data related to the administration module. As of April 2022, MongoDB Server version 4.0 is officially end of life.

You can find out more information about the MongoDB Software Lifecycle Schedules and policies by following this link which will take you directly to the MongoDB website

MongoDB Software Lifecycle Schedules

To check your current version of MongoDB

1. Open a command prompt and Run as Administrator.
2. Go to your MongoDB bin folder path, for example, D:\Sage\Safex3\MongoDB\mongodb-win32-x86_64-windows-4.4.10\bin.
3. Type mongod --version, and the output will display your MongoDB build information

You can confirm the latest compatible component versions, including the MongoDB version for your Sage X3 environment, at the following links.

Sage X3 Version 12

Sage X3 Version 11

Other useful information 

Additional notes when upgrading to MongoDB 4.x

Conquering the Obstacle of MongoDB 4.2 Upgrade: A Guide for Upgrading MongoDB to 4.2 for Sage X3

What is the version? : How to tell what version of MongoDB you have.