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NEWS: 2021 R3 (Version 12.0.27) Import performance enhancement

One of the enhancements made in 2021 R3 was to change the behaviour of Imports - until now, every execution of a data import based on a template generated a temporary script for every import/export template so the preprocessing of the data feed could be done. As of 2021 R3, a 4GL Script with prefix "WWI" is generated and compiled only if the script doesn't currently exist.

If an import manages a file containing many records, the script's generation is negligible compared to the time to import data and update the database.

But if many imports are done on small files (which is frequently the case when automated imports are done on the fly as a file can be sent to the server by other processes), the time saved can be important. This is also true for an import used by many users: as long as the template isn’t updated, the generation of the script won’t be done again.

Measures were done in a particularly favorable case: the import of 14 files with one sales order. When this was done in a given environment, the time decreased by 30%.

A more detailed article covering this change is available via the Sage X3 V12 Online Help system at New Features "New Technical how-to guides" as well as Sage X3 - Release Notes - please look at the "New Features" section of Online Help when each Release is made available.