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ALERT: BRI legislation - HMRC changes on MTD structure - MANDATORY from July 2021

HMRC has enforced significant structural changes for the information required in the header record for Making Tax Digital (MTD) submissions, effective July 2021.

Sage will be making the changes to the submission for the latest releases of  Sage X3 (V12, V11 and PU9) and it has advised that all customers update their software to the latest level, as version 3.0 of the Fraud Header specification will be the standard for the HMRC from the 7th of July 2021.

The change will affect everyone using Sage X3 MTD feature and you are required to update your software to remain compliant with the UK’s HMRC Making Tax Digital requirements for submissions from July 2021.

Please read carefully the official documentation below as it includes further details about relevant patch level for Sage X3 maintained versions:


The new Syracuse servers with the MTD structure changes have been released as below.

  • U9: SyracuseServer
  • V11: SyracuseServer 11.26
  • V12: SyracuseServer

These Syracuse releases are available on Sage X3 FTP site in the Syracuse folder for each version.

Please contact your local support for relevant fixes.