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ALERT: Hotfix for V12.0.25 (2021 R1) now available

As announced in our previous article "ALERT: Hotfix for V12.0.25 (2021 R1) to be released shortly" this hotfix is now released and available from our FTP site.

This hotfix is only needed for and relevant to Version 12.0.25  (2021 R1)   It resolves two issues in Common Data, BPs, Customers (GESBPC) and an issue in Common Data, Products, Product - Sites  (GESITF):

  • GESBPC: Function is closed (x3dispatch error) when clicking "Mailing prohibited" field
  • GESBPC: Customer Company name cannot be saved anymore
  • GESITF: function with spanish language: Syracuse error message (Unexpected token A in JSON at position 107439 - Error code : [500])

As always, you should complete your own testing of this hotfix before implementing into a live environment