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ALERT - Flash Deprecation: New Visual Process Editor Available

Adobe has announced the end of life of the Adobe Flash component as of December 31st 2020. After this date Adobe Flash technology will no longer be supported.

Sage X3 2020 R3 and 2020 R4 contain the replacement of the Flash technology components used in Sage X3.

Please refer to the following documents on the Sage FTP Server for details on the deliveries in 2020 R3 and 2020 R4.

  • SageX3\X3V12\Patches\FlashUpdate\Sage-X3-Flash-Deprecation-FAQ.pdf
  • SageX3\X3V12\Patches\FlashUpdate\Sage-X3-Flash-Deprecation-Update.mp4
  • SageX3\X3V12\Patches\FlashUpdate\Sage-X3-Flash-Deprecation-Update-Presentation.pdf
  • SageX3\X3V12\Patches\FlashUpdate\Sage-X3-Visual-Process-Editor-Updates-in-2020-R3.pdf

Sage X3 2020 R3 contains a new Visual Process Editor. It will be automatically activated if you install Sage X3 2020 R3 and Syracuse 12.8.1 (which is recommended for 2020 R3).

Make sure you review the documents above, describing new features, features that were deprecated and features that will be delivered in 2020 R4.

We recommend you install this update on a test instance and review your visual processes before you install on a live instance.

Customers who are NOT using 2020 R3 and would like to test this delivery:

You can install Syracuse 12.8.1 on an earlier release of Sage X3, but if you would like to activate the new Visual Process Editor you will also need to install the patch listed below available on the Sage FTP Site.


Note: This hot fix has only been tested by Sage on Sage X3 2020 R1 and Sage X3 2020 R2 in line with the Sage X3 Life cycle Policy.