Did you know - You can find answers to many of your queries within the Software itself?

Sage practice Solutions has a great built in help tool which could speed up your processing queries, this small guide will explain exactly how to use this feature.

How do I use it and what does it do?

When using Sage Practice Solutions you can press the 'F1' Key on your keyboard which will bring up a handy search tool relating to the Sage Practice Solutions program.

You can use this search tool to find answers to many of your Sage Practice Solutions processing queries, for example if we wanted to find out how to perform a year end:

Press F1 > Select the Search Tab > Type 'Year End' > Press Enter > This shows relevant topics around the year end procedure in Sage Practice Solutions > Double-click the topic titled 'Perform Year End' 

You will now see a summary of what the year end process changes in the program along with a guide on exactly how to perform the year end.

This search tool has every section of Sage Practice Solutions covered, so if you get a little stuck or are new to using the software - This could be a quick solution to your queries.