Paying Expenses through payroll

I have a director who has a few expenses each month that we pay via payroll.  There is an option on payroll for Business Expenses which is fine and it works it all out for you however my questions is do I need to do anything on Sage Accounts with this i.e journal it to another ledger account?

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  • Yes we have payroll and accounts integrated. I guess what I am trying to ascertain is if there is a need to journal the expenses over at all?  they are on the payslip as business expenses but I am wondering if there is a benefit to the company to journal them across?

  • Hi Emma - that will purely depend on how much these expenses total and whether you need to account for these separately within your P&L. This is a decision for you, as a Company. If you do not need to see these amounts outside of payroll costs, or they are quite insignificant and sporadic then no, you probably don't need to journal them. If however the costs are, or could be quite substantial over the financial year then you might want to separate them on your P&L to see how much you are spending in those cost areas. You could always check with your Accountant if you are unsure what your Company requires report wise.