New payroll setup mid year

Hi there

I am new to Sage payroll and in the process of setting up a new payroll.  I have migrated the employees YTD figures from 3rd party reports.  I also asked our 3rd party payroll agent to run Sept 19 reports to check this month that I have migrated the info correctly.  For one of the employees there is a PAYE rebate showing when I try to run the current month, then when I run current month the PAYE figures are out by this amount when checked against the 3rd party reports.  Have I perhaps input the P11 incorrectly?  And if so can i change it?  I cant seem to work out how to make changes to it.


  • Hi Alison,

    The first thing to check is the values entered.  If a payrun has been completed then these figures can only be amended by our technicians, otherwise the brought forward values on the P11 should show what was entered.

    If no pay run has been completed there is a link on the Summary page to allow you to Edit or further configure my migrated data.

    I hope this helps.

    Sage UKI